According to “Histoire de Saint Yrieix La Perche et son fondateur” (“History of the Town of Saint Yrieix La Perche and its founder”), our fishing lake L’Etang Baudy is over 500 years old.

L’Etang Baudy is also mentioned during the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) when the men of Baudy were called up to serve in the Napoleonic rolex yachtmaster army. Baudy was also mentioned for the forges that were situated around the lake.

In 1828 the site became a Brewery “Brasserie Holderer” Yes it’s almost the same as our surname and could possibly be replica watch a distant relation as Holder is a very old French name. The brewery won both gold medals and diplomas for its beer.

These few scanned pictures show how the brewery looked at the end of the 19th to the early 20th century.

Do you recognise any of this selection of beer labels and bottles?

We’d very much like to hear from anyone who knew any of the brews and can tell us what they were like.

Brasserie Holderer ran until 1967 when it was acquired by a Danish brewing giant. In 1972 the brewery ceased trading and most of the buildings were demolished.

The local community used the lake as a leisure facility until 1993 when they dug out the new Plan d’eau. A plant/tree nursery for stock growing used the remaining buildings and adjacent land, whilst the rest of the site was left for Mother Nature to slowly reclaim.

We bought the property (26 acres) in 2004 and moved out here at the end of July 2005. We spent the next few months hacking our way through the jungle in an effort to tame it (an ongoing task) and very occasionally (honest) doing a bit of uk replica watches fishing to get an idea of what was in the lake.

Our plan was to introduce some new stock and open for business in 2006 but like all best laid plans it all went pear shaped in March 2006 when the door that empties the lake gave way (or so we thought). The lake started emptying rapidly along with all the fish apart from the carp. We managed to temporally block the door with wooden beams covered by tarpaulins until we could get organised and the lake started to fill up again as the river came directly into it. When we finally drained down and removed the carp to their temporary home we hit the next 2 major problems:

1.The door did not exist! It was supposed to be on the end of a 6 metre oak beam but had obviously rotted away many years before.

2. We were going to have to divert the river around the lake, as we could not stop the flow of water coming into the lake.

The rest as they say is history – major plant hire, diversion of the river, digging the silt out of the lake, creating islands, plateaux, gullies, creating swims, making a complete new door and eventually refilling and restocking the lake in November 2006 and January 2007.

More photos of the repair work and the remodelling of the lake can be seen in our photo albums.. We’ve included photos of some of the new fish used to supplement the original stock.

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