We want everyone to have an enjoyable holiday and realise that most will have a sensible attitude. Yours and other people’s safety and the well being of the fish and wildlife are of paramount importance. Just to ensure there are no misunderstandings we have drawn up the following rules. Failure to observe these can lead to expulsion from the lake with no reimbursement of fees.

1. Main line-15LB/6.8KG minimum - NO lead core or braid.

2. Hook link must be of a lower breaking strain than the main line. Soft braid may be used.

3. Tubing leaders must be used. NO lead core.

4. Whisper/micro barb hooks only. NO bent hooks.

5. Free running/ejectable leads must be used.

6. No bolt rigs.

7. 3 rod limit.

8. Rods must not be left unattended.

9. No sacking of fish including leaving the fish in the weigh sling.

10. No nuts.

11. Fishing is from designated swims only.

12. Use of own landing nets, unhooking mats & weighing slings are prohibited. We supply these to prevent the transfer of infection.

13. Carp care treatment must be used on all hook holds and any other damaged or sore areas.

14. Please keep handling of fish to a minimum when weighing and photographing and return fish to the water as quickly as possible.Ensure the fish has recovered before releasing from the sling.

15. If you have a snagged fish or line please call the owners or baliff for assistance.

16. No fires (French law) BBQ facilities available.

17. No littering includes cigarette butts. Bins and ashtrays provided

18. Please use toilet facilities provided. Defecating around the lake will not be tolerated.

19. No animals

And finally

We are happy for you to enjoy a drink or two but being drunk or stoned does not mix with fishing and water. Drugs are not allowed and if you have had a few too many drinks we ask you to be sensible and to reel in until you have slept it off. If you are found to be fishing whilst drunk/stoned you will be asked to leave the lake with no reimbursement, just transfer to Limoges airport/Railway station if necessary.

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